随着治理动态的不断发展, 董事会和首席执行官领导的本质也必须如此. Leaders must demonstrate the agility and 勇气 to drive the business for today while enabling the business to grow and innovate for the future. 董事会也必须跟上步伐, supporting CEO’s and management teams to address the complex challenges and consider the needs of all stakeholders in the process. Anticipating the questions of tomorrow while operating for today requires incredible alignment, 勇气, 远见和共同的责任感和使命感.

澳门电子游戏十大公司排行’s 董事会 and CEO advisors have deep expertise in the matters that concern CEO’s and 董事会s the most as they navigate these dynamic changes from 董事会 consulting, 董事会继任计划对董事会的有效性. 除了, our team are specialists in CEO succession planning and can guide 董事会rooms on how to identify, 发展和支持CEO的今天和未来.



我们有一个大的, global team with deep industry expertise working within our 董事会和首席执行官服务 practice. 在这里找到离你最近的咨询师.


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50多年来,我们为世界一流的组织提供指导, 大大小小的, 公共和私人, 通过关键的领导决策,从董事会和首席执行官的选择到评估, 过渡和继承. 我们理解治理不断变化的本质, including the expectations and implications that will affect boardrooms of today and certainly tomorrow.

除了我们的战略市场专业知识, we draw upon proprietary data and insights—including the world’s largest normative CEO database—to build a picture of the leaders you need now and in the future. 我们的 boardroom advisors offer you access to the world’s most extensive network of board -ready talent across all sectors and functions. 我们致力于建立多元化和互补性的董事会, 优化所有董事的专业知识和声音,创造一个有凝聚力的, 高绩效团队.

结果? A high performing senior team and a leadership pipeline that ensures your board and CEO are future focused and ready for whatever lies ahead.


  • We understand the dynamics of 董事会s and the governance issues that need to be addressed: 董事会rooms around the globe are evolving faster than ever before as the competitive landscape continues to create meaningful disruptions and opportunities. 构成正在以创纪录的水平重塑, 监管加强了, 环境、社会和治理倡议正在增多, 行动主义正在加速, stakeholders are becoming more vocal and there is a demand for greater accountability for 董事会s. 我们不仅了解变革的力量, 但现代董事会领导力是如何演变的,以及为什么现在比以往任何时候都更重要.
  • 我们知道今天成为一名成功的领导者需要什么: 科学底蕴深厚,内容丰富, 实践经验, 澳门电子游戏十大公司排行已经发展成为一个富有的国家, 全面介绍如何成为未来的成功领导者. We use the basis of this framework for all of our CEO 继承 planning be the need immediate or for the future. 了解更多关于 企业领导者框架.
  • 我们为你的组织定义了什么是伟大的领导力: 我们通过制定一个 成功的形象 that links the business and future strategic priorities of the company directly to the specific capabilities and attributes needed for success in C suite and also 董事会 roles. 此成功概要集成了对组织文化的见解, 生态系统和转型议程, the external market landscape and 澳门电子游戏十大公司排行’s proprietary data/research on what makes a successful leader for your specific business context.
  • 我们通过世界一流的项目加速CEO的培养: 成为CEO不是换工作,而是换职业. 我们身临其境, 引人入胜的, collaborative and business relevant development programs enable leaders to successfully make the leap. 我们的 行政长官学院 是否有一个独一无二的发展项目,能让领导者成为CEO. 和我们的 企业领袖学院 (acknowledged by Fast Company as the “Mayo Clinic” of leadership development) provides emerging and existing C-suite and senior executives with transformative development experiences that empower them to solve today’s greatest business challenges and execute tomorrow’s strategies.
  • 我们帮助ceo们更快地发挥影响力: We work with CEOs at critical points in their careers to build a legacy of leadership in real time. 我们的 CEO影响力加速器 帮助他们定义自己的个人品牌, 加强与持份者的关系, and evolve organizations by building customized action plans that lead to differentiated outcomes and sustainable success.
  • 我们知道董事会要成功需要什么: 我们的重点是建立战略董事会,使其成为管理层的关键合作伙伴, 帮助预测和塑造未来, 在继续监测的同时, 管理和维护性能. 我们通过在董事会有效性的4p之间建立一致性来做到这一点:他们的目的, 他们的构成(人), their approach to partnership and their process and structure supported by strong board leadership.
  • 我们致力于董事会多元化: 我们已经放置了非同寻常的位置, 多元化的人才成为领导角色, 它是我们的持续使命,以释放所有的力量-建立多样化, 公平包容的组织, 从最上面开始. 我们的 research has given us unrivaled access to underrepresented CEO and board director candidates. 和我们的 成功配置文件 帮助你客观地评估所有候选人,不带偏见.


多元化和互补性的董事会是一项强大的资产. Building such a high-performing team requires a strategic approach to board member recruitment. 以下是我们在与组织合作建立战略委员会时采取的步骤:

  • 为你未来的董事会画一个蓝图: The experiences and capabilities you need around the boardroom table will depend on the strategic priorities of the business and the market landscape. 我们把商业语言翻译成领导语言.
  • 找出你所拥有的技能和你所需要的技能之间的差距: We perform an analysis of the backgrounds and experiences of your current board members to build a picture of the board’s current skillset. 这个过程允许我们将当前的专业知识与期望的专业知识进行比较, 确定差距并为董事会招聘和发展设计前瞻性计划.
  • 建立个人成功档案: 我们建立未来董事的理想档案,以填补能力差距, 采取全面的方法. We don’t just identify the required experiences and capabilities of a future director but also their characteristics, 被证明能影响绩效结果的动机和领导技能.
  • 找到你需要的领导者: We tap into our extensive network of board talent to identify and assess potential candidates. Then we work with you to identify the right person to complement your existing team and provide support in onboarding them into the role.


一旦我们为你的组织找到合适的CEO,我们的工作就没有结束. We also provide coaching and support to the successor alongside the outgoing CEO to make the transition as smooth as possible. 通过我们的 CEO影响力加速器, we work with the new CEO to help them achieve personal, enterprise and societal impact faster.

We provide the new CEO with a team of 澳门电子游戏十大公司排行 experts who guide them through to successfully navigate their new role and balance their perform and transform agenda. 这包括:

  • 定义他们的个人品牌和他们想要留下的遗产.
  • 加强与组织内外利益相关者的关系.
  • Building customized action plans that lead to differentiated outcomes and sustainable success.